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❀ようこそ My name is Claudia. I'm 19 years old - I live in Mexico;

I'm not as active as I used to be.

Everything tagged as 'mine' refers to my posts, doesn't means I own it.


Warning; Mature content included.

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I finally took the courage to block my ex after telling him we should try to solve our issues by meeting and talking about it face to face, and failing miserable.
I should feel I made a progress but I really don’t. I feel really sad, I cried more when I pressed block rather than when talking to him.
I’m not the type of girl who does this but I gotta prove I’m done… But I’m not happy, not at all. Wish we could’ve met and talk.

Why everything goes wrong with me? Why can’t I have what I want for once in my life? I wish I could go back to the time I was happy. I had him, I had my friends around and my parents were so much nicer. Now, I lost the guy I love the most and probably hates me by now, I barely see my friends, I stress over school and I have constant fights with my parents. It fucking breaks my heart how one person could make the difference, it tears me apart to know you don’t love me anymore. I needed you more than you ever need me.


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I feel I’ve been sad for a whole year withouth even noticing at times. Yeah, sometimes I smile or laugh but maybe it’s just my mask, to show everyone I’m okay. To convince myself I’m fine. Truth is, I feel sad, I feel empty, incomplete, lost, anxious, and disappointed among other emotions.
You fucked me over pretty bad because yeah, I might move on and I might forget you but you did something to my heart that you can’t undo.


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